Why West is Best on Maui

If relaxation during your Maui wedding vacation is more your style, you may consider taking in a Maui sunset from a unique perspective, aboard a Ka'anapali based dinner cruise vessel, another great and romantic Maui photo opportunity.

The famous and comical Hawaii State Fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, (Hawaiian for "fish with a nose like a pig"), may be seen while snorkeling in Ka'anapali waters.

For those who love the links, Ka'anapali boasts two, Robert Trent Jones, 18 hole golf courses.

A big and beautiful new spa recently opened in Ka'anapali and it is getting rave reviews. Several hotels offer beach side massage for the ultimate in pampering.

Ten different restaurants are within walking distance along the resort area mini-strand.

Ka'anapali is only about 10 minutes away by car, from nearly every West Maui accommodation location, for dining or activities.

Over the last decade, much development has occurred in the Ka'anapali beach area. A former hotel, has added 2 huge, new buildings at Ka'anapali South Beach, for the time share market . Just up the road, at Ka'anapali North Beach, the first 2 phases of a monstrous time share have sprung up, with a 3rd phase on the way and a gigantic, 2 building, luxury condominium, has also been built.

For those desiring a close proximity, to your beach wedding vacation, you can now rule out Ka'anapali as a choice, because The Hawaii State Department of Land & Natural Resources, has outlawed all beach ceremonies, on both Ka'anapali North and South Beaches. Since population density and stay prices, have both greatly increased in the Ka'anapali area, in the name of, "Progress", we now have new recommendations, for better places, for our couples to stay, other than Ka'anapali. Fantastic, affordable, oceanfront locations, where you can hold your ceremony, just steps away from your unit and enjoy a more beautiful and a less "developed", Maui wedding vacation experience.

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