Maui Wedding Reservations Procedures

Please: Review Our Happy Website to See Our Maui Wedding Packages, Options & Maui Wedding Flower Options

Decide on a Maui Wedding Date, Package, Options & Floral Options

  1. The process begins with an availability check for a specific Maui wedding date. If you would like our advice regarding Maui accommodations, or are having difficulty deciding which Happy Wedding Package is right for you, we would love to help you. Please email us with your desired wedding date and time, questions, your phone number(s) and the best times to reach you in your time zone, or simply call us at 808-667-7007. We will respond with happy advice within 1 to 48 hours (usually the same day).
  2. IMPORTANT! If you are considering a beach ceremony, please fully read through our new, Maui Beach Permit, page that outlines new restrictions placed upon us, you and everyone, regarding all ceremonies held, on all beaches, on every island, in The State of Hawaii.
  3. Given that you have already checked and confirmed availability with us, for your desired ceremony date and time, via telephone, at 808-667-7007 (or via e-mail if you are outside the U.S.A. and Canada), now it's time to:

Complete the Get Mauied Booking Form

  1. Your Happy Maui Wedding Reservations Form must be entirely completed, in order to send it.
  2. Please be sure to type in your correct e-mail address, (an e-mail address that you can receive directional map attachments at). Also please type in your correct phone numbers with area codes.
  3. In the 2 boxes marked, "Maui Cell Phone #1 and Maui Cell Phone #2", please type in the area codes and cell phone numbers, for the 2 cellular phones that you will be bringing with you to Maui. These will be the numbers that we will try to reach you at first, if necessary, after you have arrived on Maui and also to arrange by phone a, "while you are still on Maui", delivery of your ceremony images, (if at all possible), for those who have photo packages booked with us.

  4. In the boxes that say, "Bride's Name" & "Groom's Name", please spell out your names, as you would like them to appear, on the keepsake certificate, that is included with all of our packages. When filling in the reservations form, if you like, please type in a few lines in the "Your Happy Wedding Ideas" box to help us envision your happy wedding thoughts.
  5. IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU PRESS THE SUBMIT BUTTON, (Which sends the form to us), please print out 3 copies of your completed reservation form. Please retain one copy for your records, and send one booking form copy, with each of your payments, so we may properly credit your account. We will respond within 1 to 48 hours (usually the same day). For confirmed availability, short notice bookings, (confirmed availability booking dates that are inside of 6 weeks away), please print out 2 copies of your booking form. One copy for your records and one copy to send with your required full payment. (Not to worry, for your peace of mind, we are members of The Better Business Bureau, The Maui Visitors Bureau and The Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau).

Arrange Air Travel, Accommodations & Transportation

  1. Before you book your accommodations, please call us at: 808-667-7007, for stay/wedding location ideas, that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in wedding site use fees, make your wedding day logistically, much, much, easier and enable many more wedding package and option inclusion possibilities.
  2. Please be sure that you can obtain the flights that you need. Several airlines offer direct flights to Maui from the U.S. West Coast. Some charter flights, direct to Maui, are available from Canada's West Coast also.
  3. Arrange a rental car. Five major rental car companies operate on Maui. It is best to obtain a rental car, as Maui has no efficient form of public transportation.


Confirm your Happy Maui Wedding with a Deposit

  1. A deposit is required to confirm your Happy Maui Wedding booking. Full payment is required to confirm a short notice booking. (Please See, read and be sure that you fully understand our Cancellation Policies on the Booking Form.)
  2. Deposits & Final Payment amounts are 50% of Package Price + Options + 4.167 Hawaii Sales Tax
  3. If your desired ceremony date is a Short Notice Booking, (A ceremony date that is 6 weeks or less away from the date you mail your initial payment), full payment is required to be mailed in order to confirm your Short Notice, date and time in the Happy Maui Wedding schedule.
  4. Please be sure to mail all payments with a delivery confirmation tracking number and keep your tracking number receipt in a safe place. If a payment is sent by you and not received by us, we will ask you for the name of the postal carrier you used and for your delivery confirmation tracking number.
  5. Please be sure that any and all payments are made out to "A Happy Maui Wedding LLC"
  6. All deposits & Final payments should be in US dollars, sent in the form of a US Postal Money Order, Bank Money Order, Bank Cashiers Check, or Bank International Money Order (No Personal Checks Please) We may also arrange payment via bank wire transfer for Canada and countries in Europe, Asia & Elsewhere Outside The U.S.A.
  7. Please mail your payment to the following address:

    A Happy Maui Wedding LLC
    3350 Honoapiilani Hwy., Suite 215-#127
    Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii   96761   USA

    Again, please be sure to mail your payment with a delivery confirmation tracking number and please retain this number for future reference, until we confirm that your payment was received.

Await Your Happy Confirmation

  1. We will contact you by e-mail or by phone when we receive your deposit, or short notice booking full payment, to confirm your Happy Maui Wedding or Wedding Vow Renewal.
  2. If your ceremony is a legal ceremony, (wedding vow renewals for legally married couples excluded), we will then arrange your marriage license appointment, (We try to schedule this appointment, for the first or second day after you arrive, so that it is out of the way, early in your stay).
  3. We will then respond with your confirmed time, date and location.

Finalize Your Happy Maui Wedding

A final confirmation, balance due, payment, (or full payment is required if you would like to confirm a Short Notice Booking that is 6 weeks or less away from your ceremony date), must be received by us no later than 30 days before your Maui ceremony date. We recommend that you mail it out about 6 weeks before your Maui ceremony date. We will once again contact you by e-mail or phone to let you know that you are all set. If your Maui ceremony is a short notice booking, please email us or phone us right away and we will do our best to arrange a happy solution for you.

Be Happy, Your Happy Maui Wedding Is About To Happen!